"I use the call search program to pull individual customer data. This feature is very quick. And the calendar feature makes it easy to setup timeframes."

CTS AMA Customer


Call Search Module

Immediate Call Search and Reporting


  • Easily search by:
          ALL CALLS Search selects all records to or from the Calling Number
          ORIGINATION Search selects only records that originate from the Calling Number
          DESTINATION Search selects only records that terminate at the Called Number
          POINT TO POINT - Search selects records that originate with the Calling Number    and terminate with the Called Number.

  • Pattern Search: You can enter any pattern or part of a number and search (i.e. enter only the exchange)

  • Additional filtering capabilities:
         Structure Code Bill Number
         Call Type Originating Time
         Start Date and Time Trunk Group

  • Allows easy access to the actual AMA record.

  • User-friendly: You pick the columns you want to see and in what order.


View Image of Call Search Screen!



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