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Reports Module

Customizable and Easy to Use Reports


  • CTS AMA will allow user-defined report generation
  • Multiple users can generate reports simultaneously from desktops

  • Reports can be exported to Excel for further manipulation

  • Reports can be customized, by the user, to meet the needs of the organization

  • Can split reports by call completion status to help validate the CABS billing

  • Find Phantom Traffic through No NXX reports.

  • CBSI can create custom reports based on the customerís requirements


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Some of the Reports Available in the AMA Module

Carrier Information Report
The Carrier Information Report allows you to print the carrier information. This listing includes the CIC, ACNA, ACNA Entity, Elapsed Time, Messages and Average Holding Time.

Incoming/Terminating or Outgoing/Originating Trunk Group Report
These two reports list, by date period and trunk group: the trunk group identifier, trunk group name, number of messages, total elapsed time and average hold time. The user chooses the date range and date period as well as whether this contains individual or sets of Incoming/Terminating or Outgoing/Originating Trunk Groups.

Carrier Elapsed Time Report
The Carrier Elapsed Time Report shows a daily total for each trunk group specified in a date range for the NXX(s) and their respective trunk groups. Each trunk group is then further broken down showing each carrierís daily totals for the particular trunk group.

Trunk Group Listing
The Trunk Group Listing displays a list of the trunk groups that are set up within the report application. It shows the trunk group identifier and the trunk group name.

NXX to NXX Report
The NXX to NXX Report prints the number of calls made from an originating NXX to a terminating NXX. It will report each day separately in the selected period, and then print a total for the period.

NO NXX Report
The No NXX Report will allow the user to track phantom traffic and begin the rectification process.

Answer Report
The Answer Report displays the number of answered calls to unanswered calls and calculates a percentage.

AMA Server Log
The AMA Server Log displays a summary of the records received by the server. Each summary contains the date, inserted records, No NXX records, duplicate records, invalid records and total records.

AMA Record Summary
The AMA Record Summary displays a breakdown of the records for a particular time period (day, month, year). It shows the number of normal, No NXX, invalid and total records.

Records with No Trunk Group or CIC Code Reports
The four following reports summarize the records where there is no trunk group or CIC code. Each report shows the date, structure code, call type, message count and elapsed time.
     Unassigned Trunk Group Report: No incoming or outgoing trunk group
     Unassigned Incoming Trunk Group Report: No incoming trunk group
     Unassigned Outgoing Trunk Group Report: No outgoing trunk group
     Unassigned CIC Group Report: No CIC code


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CBSi would be happy to customize a solution for you!


CBSi will customize reports based on your needs and current configuration.

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