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The History of CBSi

CBSi was founded in 1982 by Charlie G. Hinders, a 25 year veteran of the telecommunications industry. The first program developed by CBSi was called CTS and was one of the first of its kind in the telecommunications industry.  Since then, CTS has become CTS 2000 and now goes by the name CTS PRO.  As with ever changing technology, it is continually upgraded and improved based on the needs of our customers and the changes in the technology available.

Today, CBSi is based in the scenic town of La Crescent, Minnesota, and employs numerous software engineers along with the sales and administrative staff.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to know more about our organization.  You can also click below to see information on our current line of products.

CBSi Products :

CTS PRO Organizes traffic data into reports based on customer needs

CTS AMA Advanced AMA Analysis System

CTS SS7 Sophisticated correlation tool between SS7 and AMA

CTS ALARMS Alarm notification, report generation, extensive monitoring

CTS QMS Queue Management System

Mission Statement

Computerised Business Systems, Inc., strives to create and provide to its customers the easiest and most functional software solutions available to the telecommunications industry. Our primary objective is to provide high quality software products and to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We eliminate unnecessary tasks for our customers by managing both the product and multi-vendor relationships and by taking responsibility for delivering the software systems as specified, on time and on budget.

Computerised Business Systems, Inc., has committed itself in several areas, including:

High technical standards: We always use the latest technologies in our products and seek to create technical excellence in all of our software.

Ease of use: Our products can be easily used by both experienced and novice computer users.

Excellent Customer Service: We are committed to providing courteous, responsive and accurate service to all our customers.

Integrity: We stand firmly behind the quality of our products.

Our first priority is to do business with honesty, professionalism and in strong partnership with our customers. Our software solutions are always aimed at adding value to our customer’s business through increased productivity, profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

In addition, Computerised Business Systems, Inc., is committed to creating a challenging and rewarding work environment. Employees are encouraged to participate in all facets of the business, and individual initiative is strongly encouraged. Every effort is made to produce an environment of teamwork.

The Staff of CBSi

 Name  Title
  Charlie Hinders   President/Founder
  Lisa Cook   Office Manager

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