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Charlie, the president of CBSI, has been very busy jetting around the country performing numerous demonstrations of the CTS AMA and CTS SS7 correlation tool. With more and more companies beginning the fight against phantom traffic, CBSI predicts and increase in tools like CTS AMA and CTS SS7!

Individual demos can be set up at any time by calling our offices at (800) 898-8601.

April 10-21st, 2006  Installation of the CTS AMA and CTS SS7 Correlation Tool begins!
The complex CTS AMA and CTS SS7 installation began at a customer in North Carolina.  This system involves a number of intricate pieces of equipment which will capture all SS7 data and all AMA data and parse into a large database.  The customer will them be able to directly correlate the AMA records and SS7 events as well as print numerous vital reports.  The data will be archived for as long as the customer requests it. 

Similar data is being used by another organization in a lawsuit against AT & T for phantom traffic. In that case, the CTS SS7 system is not only capturing the data and archiving it, but is creating a separate text file for use in the court proceedings!

March 28-29, 2006    CBSi participates in the NCTIA Tech Expo!
CBSI was proud to participate in the 2006 Spring Tech Expo for the North Carolina Telecommunication Industry Association.  A number of potential customers viewed a demonstration of our new CTS SS7 and CTS AMA correlation tool!

Individual demos can be set up at any time by calling our offices at (800) 898-8601.

December 12-16th, 2005  CBSi installs CTS AMA at a client in Alaska!
Charlie took off for the north country this week to install the CTS AMA system at a client site in Alaska. Despite the long flights, the trip proved to be extremely successful as by the time Charlie left the system was up and operational, providing valuable information to the client.  This system is unique in that it is not only collecting AMA data but also collecting and parsing the LAMA data as well. 

Numerous customized reports  have been completed by the CBSI software engineers and we hope to continue meeting this customers needs well into the future.

November 7 - 18th, 2005  CBSI installs Phase II Alarm System at Bermuda Telephone!
Charlie Hinders and Pat Cannon once again traveled down to Bermuda Telephone to install the second part of a three phase alarm system.  Phase II includes the connection to an Alcatel device and allows for additional alarming by the primary alarm server.

Charlie and Pat also obtained the GPS coordinates for almost all of the 52 remote switch sites on the island of Bermuda. This information will be used for the Phase III installation which includes monitoring probes installed at all remote locations.

August 15, 2005    CBSi launches improved website!
CBSi launched their improved website on Monday August 15th!  It includes a new look as well as lots of information on each of our current products.  Customers can view powerpoints on each product, download informational literature, see schematics on possible system structures and even keep up to date on the happenings at CBSi.

"We want our web-site to be source of information to both our current customers and potential clients as they are searching for additional products to improve their businesses."  Patti Balacek, Sales and Marketing Manager.


August 2 & 3rd, 2005    CBSi participates in Tri-State Showcase!
Once again, CBSi was one of the many vendors participating in the Tri-State Showcase! This event is a combination conference and trade show, hosted by the Idaho Telephone Association, the Utah Rural Telecom Association and the Wyoming Telecommunications Association.


 July 28, 2005    CTS SS7 Demonstration given for two current CBSi customers!
The NEW CTS SS7 product was shown to two current CBSi customers at the end of July. While still in the development/testing stages, the audience was excited to see what the program can produce and how it will truly benefit their organizations.

CBSi is scheduled to conduct more demonstrations throughout August and September. If you would like a no-obligation demonstration of SS7 or any of our other products, please feel free to CONTACT US!


 June 16, 2005    CBSi presents to Southeastern Regional DCO/EWSD Users Group!

At the request of a current user, CBSi presented CTS PRO to the Southeastern Regional DCO/EWSD Users Group.  With the elimination of support for some current traffic systems, we appreciate the opportunity to let people know about CTS PRO and it's amazing capabilities.

CTS PRO has been in use for over 20 years and is constantly being improved and updated based on the needs of our members and the ever-changing world of technology. It is user-friendly, functions well on a network and provides meaningful data which can be used for provisioning and forecasting of future needs. For more information on CTS PRO please click HERE!

 June 1, 2005   Interest in CTS AMA continues to grow!
CBSi has given numerous demonstrations of the CTS AMA product over the last few months. From Alaska to Oklahoma, companies are showing interest in the information CTS AMA is able to produce. The valuable reports and the ability to troubleshoot phantom traffic seem to be the two key points of interest for most organizations.

As CBSi continues to debut the CTS AMA product, we look forward to partnering it with the newly developed CTS SS7 to provide an even more powerful tool in the battle to gain more access revenue.  If you would like a demo of any of our products, please e-mail us at pbalacek@cbsicom.com.


April 15, 2005   CBSi installs Phase 1 of complex alarm system at Bermuda Telephone!
Charlie Hinders and Pat Cannon ventured down to the wonderful island of Bermuda in April to install the first phase of a four phase alarm system.  This complex project involves not only capturing the alarms from switches but from remote sites as well. 

This customized alarm solution will provide numerous forms of alerts to the BTC staff and will cover all switches on their system, while still maintaining the safety and security they need to protect their customers and the current operations.

To see what we have to offer for alarms, visit our CTS Alarms web-site!

March 21, 2005   CBSi participates in the MTA Showcase!

Charlie Hinders represented CBSi at the 2005 MTA Showcase held in Minneapolis, MN. Once again, we were able to meet numerous representatives from telephone companies across the country as well as learn about the latest industry innovations at the MTA conference programs. 



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