"We have found the CTS PRO system to be an integral part of our provisioning capabilities. It has been a pleasure working with CBSI's stellar customer service representatives."

CTS PRO Customer


"The efficiency and real-time availability of the reports are a major plus..."

 CTS PRO Customer


The CTS Pro system allows you to take traffic data collected and present it in an easy readable format. CTS Pro will remote poll data directly from switches and other equipment. It then collects, summarizes and organizes this data into a readable format. The data stored can be modified to meet the individual needs of the company or customer.

The CTS Pro was developed to meet the specific information needs of the telecommunications industry. Companies that use CTS Pro not only improve and enhance internal operations but are able to offer this to their external customer as a service.

Features and Benefits:

  • Communicates with a wide variety of devices

  • Ability to remotely connect to switch

  • Archives data for future report generation

  • Forecasting and provisioning of future needs

  • CIC search module

  • Requires no programming expertise

  • PC-based with a windows environment that allows multi-tasking

  • Presents point and click technology for user ease

  • Incorporates a GUI (graphical user interface) that writes to Microsoft Excel enabling you to include graphs and charts in reports

  • Archives data for summary reports

  • Provides ratio studies

  • Facilitate service problem analysis

  • Requires only a one-time data set up for system integration

  • Provides password security features

  • Accommodates future growth without major system changes

  • Writes an explanation of all occurring events within the system

  • Eases printing with Send-to-File and Send-to-E-mail.

  • Continually enhanced to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry.


Informational reports generated by CTS Pro, collectively or individually, provide support to administration in the planning of long and short-term objectives.

While planning for expansion of exchange capacity, specific information as to which exchanges require increase is objectively provided through reports generated.

Performance evaluation is easily measured by comparative studies, thereby maximizing engineering efficiency and facilitating good service.


Through the engineering report, equipment failure can be recognized. Persistent failure points to a potentially serious maintenance problem. In addition to the required routine maintenance, problems with trunks and common control equipment (registers, markers, senders, etc.) are monitored to reduce labor costs.


The various reports generated by CTS Pro constitute a data bank of information for various research studies:

  •  Measure of future needs.

  •  Consumer calling patterns - period of calls, heavy and low traffic routes, average holding time, etc.

  •  Performance evaluation of exchanges, zones, territories, and entire organization over a given period.

  •  Usage of capacity within an exchange and over the entire network.

  • Any studies designed by management to satisfy specific information needs for decision-making.

Traffic Planning

Several reports can assist and provide quality guidance in the preparation and development of accurate future traffic planning forecasts. CTS Pro reports provide documentation on trunks being under-utilized as well as trunks whose capacity cannot cope with demand.

Trouble Shooting

Managers need to measure deviations of actual from planned activities. To correct the discrepancy, control to avoid similar occurrences are instituted. However, in order to be able to establish a control tool, information pointing to and explaining the discrepancy from planned and actual results must be given. CTS Pro generates the required reports necessary for managerial control which assist in trouble shooting.


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The CTS PRO system assists with quality service by providing easy access to accurate information.

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