QMS is the program that CTS PRO uses to report on QFADS and QTADS information.


The CTS QMS (Queue Management System) collects force management statistics for traffic offices and reports those statistics in a quarterly, hourly or daily format.

Quick and easy forecasting utilizes the moving average method to project required operator staffing positions based on historical information.

QMS includes:

  • Force management and traffic office periodic reports.

  • Information on operators.

  • Operator studies.

Supervisor Desktop provides real-time, light-up, color-coded windows for:

  • Operators engaged online

  • Operator statistics

  • Time and charges

Some QMS measurements:

  • Initial position seizures

  • Recall position seizures

  • Transfer position seizures

  • Call-busy work volume

  • Non-call work volume

  • Idle time

  • Average occupied position

  • Percent of Occupancy

  • Call wait and answer time

  • Average work time


 Download the CTS QMS Brochure to see the possible system configurations!


CBSi would be happy to customize a solution for you!

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