"We didn't know how much phantom traffic we had until we used CTS AMA!"

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CTS AMA is a software package that extracts specific items from Bellcore Format Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) data records and puts the information into databases.  These databases can then be used to view and report the information in a variety of formats with customizable options. The software is designed to meet the needs of both large and small carriers and to take into account the various configurations found in the telephone industry.


Features :

  • Sophisticated near real-time display of incoming switch data.

  • Near real-time AMA call record collection.

  • Customizable and immediate call search and reporting capabilities.

  • Detailed AMA reports generated at the convenience of the user.

  • Connected to switch via TCP/IP, RS232 or X.25.

  • Reports which allow you to easily compare AMA records with the Equal Access Carrier records.

  • Archives data for summary reports.

  • Provides ratio studies (example: Answered to Unanswered calls).

  • Easy installation with one time data set up and system integration.

  • Accommodates future switch growth without major system changes.

  • Complete turn-key system including hardware, software, installation and training.  Hardware configured to optimize the software's performance.

  • Technical support and monitoring through a secure VPN connection.

Benefits :

  • Identifies and helps you problem solve PHANTOM TRAFFIC!

  • Insures accurate (and maximum) settlements.

  • Easily helps resolve billing disputes.

  • Assists with determining the validity of a call as it relates to a billing record.

  • Reveals calling patterns for an established market

  • Reduces labor cost with immediate data collection and report production.

  • See total incoming/terminating as well as outgoing/originating usage.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS with continual enhancements to meet your needs.

  • Separates usage by trunk group.

  • Helps TROUBLESHOOT the implementation of new circuits!

  • Reduces errors with simplified reports generation.

Mediation : AMA transports your records for you.

  • Transports AMA/CDR to local billing system or third party billing system.

  • FTP transfer of call records to local billing system (residing on same network as CTS AMA) can be scheduled automatically on a daily basis.

  • FTP transfer to third party billing system can be scheduled through internet.

  • Scalable system designed for large and small carriers.

  • Protects against repeating AMA records in database.

  • Flags partial records and corrupt records.

  • User can select the format option to transport AMA/CDR to billing system (binary or ASCII converted)



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CBSi would be happy to customize a solution for you!



CTS AMA insures that every usable record is captured and assists your company in receiving maximum revenue from each record.

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