CBSi has excellent customer service and technical support available when you need it most!



CBSi offers the following services free of charge and at no-obligation to the customer!


Free Evaluation - CBSi  will do a free evaluation of which products potential customers may need and benefit from.


Free On-Site Demonstration  - CBSi staff would come out to your location and give a demonstration of any of our products. This would be at our expense and at your convenience.  We are prepared to present to any size group from 1 person up to a few hundred.


Free Creation of Proposal with Schematics - CBSi would create a proposal containing the product information, pricing, installation information and schematics specific to your organization.  In the past, these have been used by telephone companies having to make requests for budgetary considerations and for presentation to their own staff.  We would work with you to develop a pricing structure and system design which would work for you.


CBSi offers the following services as part of the annual maintenance agreement sold with all software and hardware purchases.


SOFTWARE TECHNICAL SUPPORT (over the phone)- CBSi has an excellent technical support staff available between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  They will be happy to walk you through the steps necessary to uncover and fix any problems associated with our software. 


SOFTWARE TECHNICAL SUPPORT (VPN) - With all software purchases, CBSi will ask for VPN access to the machines containing our programs.  This allows us to safely and securely gain access to your software and resolve any issues without the added cost of on-site visits.


HARDWARE TECHNICAL SUPPORT - The CBSi staff is always ready to provide support for our hardware products. This can be done in numerous ways based on the situation including over the phone, through a secure VPN connection, in our office (machine is sent to us) or on-site depending on the circumstance.


If your system is not meeting your needs or not working properly, we will strive to fix it to your satisfaction!



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