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CTS PRO Upgrade
  • Only for EXISTING CTS Pro (Windows) Customers
  • Only for Windows Operating Systems XP and above. Do NOT install this upgrade if using a Windows Operating System version earlier than XP.
  • All users should perform a backup of their system prior to installing the upgrade.

Upgrade for CTS Pro Version 8.05 (stand alone)  

Upgrade for CTS Pro Version 8.05 (client/server)  

After downloading the file, call CBSi's Technical Support for help 

(507) 895-8600 or (800) 895-5550

CTS PRO Database Structures


CIC Codes

There is a feature in CTS Pro that allows you to automatically update the CIC codes via the CBSi website. To read about it, check out the Downloading CIC Codes Information Sheet.

Information on CIC Codes

Carrier identification codes (CICs) are used to route and bill calls in the public switched telephone network. CICs are four-digit codes in the format XXXX.

To obtain a CIC, an applicant must purchase access from an access provider, who will in turn apply to NANPA for the assignment on behalf of the access purchaser. Reflecting their origin, CICs may be classified as Feature Group (FG) B or (FG) D, depending on the type of access purchased.



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History of CTS Pro release notes:

 - version 8.05.00 

 - version 8.04.00 
 - version 8.03.03 
 - version 8.03.02 
 - version 8.03.01 
 - version 8.03.00 
 - version 8.02.00 
 - version 8.01.06 
 - version 8.01.05 
 - version 8.00.05 
- version 8.00.02
- version 8.00.00
- version 7.05.00
- version 7.04.01
- version 7.04.00
- version 7.03.01
- version 7.03.00










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